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The Story Behind Verity

Verity started at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

Verity Technologies is a healthcare technology company that is harnessing the power of Virtual Reality to provide treatment solutions for pain management and physical rehabilitation. Verity Technologies was formed by Booth MBA students with diverse medical and business experience, who share a passion for disrupting the healthcare space and helping patients suffering from pain. 

Chronic Pain

Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. It affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. Chronic pain has a significant impact on a person’s mood, sleep, activities, and overall quality of life. Current treatment options, including opioid medications, have been unable to properly alleviate pain in patients. Chronic pain is challenging to treat due to its multifaceted nature consisting of emotional, cognitive, and physical factors that contribute to an ongoing cycle of pain.

Healing starts in the mind

Recent discoveries in the field of pain research have shown that chronic pain is a central nervous system (i.e. brain) disorder of abnormal pain processing and amplification. This abnormal processing persists long after the injury that caused the first episode of pain. Therefore, newer pain treatments such as invasive spinal cord stimulation and nerve medications are focusing on targeting the central nervous system. 

Virtual Reality provides an alternative, non-invasive and non-drug based access point to the brain’s neural pathways to change the perception and processing of pain. Verity uses cognitive rehabilitation, graded exposure and the brain’s neural pathways to treat chronic pain rather than masking it with pain medications. The purpose of using graded exposure is to slowly expose patients to painful or anxiety provoking conditions with the idea that a gradual and controlled exposure will desensitize and retrain the brain. This results in diminished abnormal pain processing and functional improvements in patients suffering from chronic pain.

Product: Verity EOS VR​

Verity EOS enables physical therapists to help patients heal from chronic low back pain through movement

Virtual Reality

Immersive game environment to improve function and help patients heal from chronic low back pain through movement

Proprietary Algorithms

Alter the brain's perception of pain by merging physiological signals and movement data

Data and Analytics

Improve clinical outcomes and productivity through objective data collection and analysis

Verity EOS improves clinical outcomes and productivity by making exercises engaging and fun, objectifying movement measurements, and providing scalability of treatments.


Immersive game-like experience, which alters the perception of movement and pain in order to improve function in a targeted and controlled fashion. In addition to graded exposure and desensitization, the product uses positive reinforcement to help people unlearn fear-avoidance behavior.


Novel sensors engineered into the VR environment measure range of motion, velocity, and autonomic measures of stress. This information enables real-time adjustments to game parameters. The sensors also provide quantified outcome measures for both monitoring patient improvement and compliance, as well as yielding population data for improving the rehabilitation game.


Algorithms and outcome measures for trending patient performance enable iterative game refinement, demonstrate compliance, and allow deployment of the system into a variety of healthcare and home environments.

Fall in love with our features

Immersive environment

Verity EOS VR's gaming environment transports the patient to an exotic world that engages the brain and distracts it from chronic pain

Real time measurement of data

Automated and real time measurement of range of motion, velocity and autonomic stress parameters improve the accuracy of the data, and save time and effort compared to the existing manual methods

Analytics driven insights for individual patient and population performance trends

Trends enable improvements to the program for individual as well as populations of patients

Gamified exercises for chronic back pain treatment

Gamification transforms the traditional chronic pain rehabilitation exercises into a fun filled experience, allows for graded exposure and motivates the patient to achieve more through positive reinforcement

Configurable gaming and exercise parameters

Enables the physical therapist to tailor the program to the specific needs of each patient

Baseline performance measurement

Automated baseline measurements allow the physical therapist and patient to monitor progress by comparing data after each session

The team that delivers

Experts in MedTech Join Forces with Gaming Experts


CEO & Co-founder

Pain physician who co-founded and  scaled the largest pain management  practice in Chicago


CTO & Co-founder

MedTech Executive and Oxford University Professor of Engineering Science who launched  multiple chronic pain products


Co-founder & Partner

Healthcare Technology Executive with 10+ yrs. experience in Digital Healthcare and Healthcare Data & Analytics

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